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Embrace Pet Insurance Review

In the growing world of pet care, owners are turning to pet insurance to provide the best health care possible for their companions. Insurance for your pet ensures that they can receive the best care possible without breaking your wallet. Pet owners who choose Embrace...
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Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

When most people hear the word “insurance,” they think about their health, their homes, their vehicles and their property. Animals usually don’t immediately come to mind, but every pet owner should know about pet insurance. Pet insurance protects...
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Pet Assure Insurance Review

Founded in 1995, Pet Assure has given many pet parents the opportunity to obtain hassle-free healthcare for all different kinds of animals with any health conditions. It is designed so people won’t have to worry about deductibles, coverage denial, or claims...
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Figo Pet Insurance Review

It is probably very important to you that your four-legged family members get all of the health care that they need, but if you are like many people, you might have trouble footing the bill when taking them to the vet. Luckily, you do have options that can make this...
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It Pays to Look Into Trupanion Pet Insurance Reviews When Buying Pet Insurance

You love your pet like a family member, and you want to see them protected and covered by good health insurance in case the unthinkable should happen. Cats and dogs both can be curious, leading them to ingest things they should never eat. They can also be injured, or...
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Review of Pet Insurance Companies

Feeling happy and motivated, most people are thrilled to walk into a pet store to buy a new dog. If you are like other pet owners, then you view your dog as a member of your family, and you want to do your best to keep your dog in great shape for as long as possible. Sadly, animals can get sick and need professional care on occasion, and not all pet owners can afford to take their dog to the veterinarian when it’s not feeling well. The good news is that you can buy pet insurance for your dog, and doing so will provide you with peace of mind. The plan that you get will depend on your needs and budget, and we are going to take a look at some of the most popular options to help you make the right choice.


Embrace is the first pet insurance company at which we are going to look, and they offer great plans for those who wish to minimize their monthly expenses. If you choose to move forward and to get coverage, you will only need to pay $13.69 each month. This plan has a $500 deductible and a 20 percent coinsurance. Before you decide if this choice is right for you, consider whether saving money upfront is worth paying up to 80 percent of your dog’s medical bills. Many people still choose to insure their dog with Embrace because they won’t face limitations on how often their dog can receive care.


The next pet insurance company on our list is ASPCA, and they have several levels from which to choose. The first level is $17 per month, but it only covers accidents. With this option, your pet won’t be protected from standard illnesses or other problems that might come up. If you want to take the safety of your dog up a notch, then you won’t want to miss the Level 2 plan.

But the most comprehensive protection that this company offers comes with the Level 4 plan. For $54 per month, the company will cover hereditary conditions, behavioral issues and more. With various plans and several degrees of coverage, ASPCA works hard to meet the needs of as many pet owners as possible. Those who choose ASPCA to help keep their dogs healthy are happy with the service and the care that they receive.

Healthy Paws

If you want the best protection for your dog but don’t have enough income to purchase a premium plan, then Healthy Paws might be the perfect fit. With plans starting at $18.89, you won’t have to drain your savings account to maintain the health of your dog. Although it might be cheap, the basic plan from Healthy Paws will pay up to 90 percent of all of your dog’s veterinary bills. You can also choose a custom plan if you can’t find one that appeals to you. With this much flexibility, it won’t be hard to find the right coverage for your dog and your budget.


When it comes to their dogs, some people won’t settle for anything other than the best, and if you feel the same way, then the Comprehensive Preferred Plus plan by PetFirst is the solution for which you have been searching. You will need to pay $49.95 per month when your goal is to select this option, but you will only need to pay a $50 deductible when your dog needs care. Those who opt for this plan will gain coverage for accidents and illnesses, but that is only the start. When you choose this plan, PetFirst will also offer a reward for the return of your lost dog, pay for kennel fees and help pay for trip cancellations that result from your dog having surgery.

Pets Best

Pets Best is a company that offers a range of coverage options, and most people can find great deals when it comes to dog insurance. When you turn to Pests Best to protect your dog, plans range in price from $17.70 to $22.54. Even the Bronze plan has a lot to offer, but those who don’t want to take any risks always go with the Elite plan.

Final Thoughts

No matter who you are or the type of dog you own, you will find a pet insurance company in our list that is a good fit for you. If money is an issue, then getting one of the budget plans is probably an attractive option. For those who want the best possible protection for their dog, the premium insurance plans won’t disappoint. Although we can point you in the right direction, only you can decide what path makes the most sense for you. With a little planning, you can obtain the ideal insurance plan, and doing so will put your worries to rest because you will know that your dog is in good hands.

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